Запропонувати допомогу

War in Ukraine has forced thousands of civilians to flee bombs and war crimes.

This war is not over. Every day, bombs kill more civilians, and every day, more Ukrainians seek refuge. They leave their country with only what they can carry, searching for a safe place to stay and an opportunity to get a job. Some families have found refuge and resettlement in Europe. Some are coming to Canada, including British Columbia. With your support, we, too, can help.

The Ukrainian community in Vancouver has expanded its local partnership network and joined together to help Ukrainians seeking refuge in BC. Our partnership network, in conjunction with updated government regulations on temporary migrants from Ukraine, provides assistance with airport pickup, temporary settlement with local families, and an all-important step-by-step integration program to welcome them into Canadian society. Your support will help Ukrainians find refuge in Canada, provide for their basic needs, and become a welcome part of our community. Please contribute. Our combined effort can make an important difference in the lives of Ukrainians displaced by war.

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